New Vision For Skilled Engineers

Only skill matters. We believe that anyone can be a good instructor. Just publish projects or create a short course to teach others and gain money from your skill


A new era in Engineering begins. Nplanet aims to construct the biggest engineering community where everyone shares his knowledge with no restrictions. Nplanet offers the needed skills for Engineers to be unique in the labor market. In order to do so, Nplanet provides Three different types of contents.

Compact course starts from scratch and dive into the finest details along with simple and to the point exercises in order to cover most of the topic's aspects

If you already have the basic knowledge in a certain field, and you need to develop this skill, then projects are the best choice for you. They allow you to face the real challenges with your guide in order to learn how to deal with complicated projects.

This sort of courses presents the knowledge from an academic point of view and can be divided into two types:
1) Course content represents an existing curriculum in some academic institute
2) Course content depends on the instructor knowledge

Wait For it!

Types of Courses

Our target is to narrow the gap between basic knowledge and experience through practical training that expose the learner to real challenges

Generic Course

Compact course starts from scratch and dive into the finest details.


Your skills need improvement? Projects are the best choice for you.

Academic Course

Presents the knowledge from an academic point of view.


You cannot do great things if you are distracted by small things

Hany Hamza

Electronics & PCB Specialist

Its a great step to do this platform as it is specific for the Engineers,and it's main target is to make engineers skillful to be in the challenge of the labour market.

Mohamed Mostafa

Mathematics Specialist

It is a great idea to overlap the gap among academic field and the labour market.